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The Buddha & The High Priestess

June 13, 2012

Toronto, Canada. Portraits of our friends, husband & wife Tony Scherman & Margaret Priest, both extraordinary artists.

Tony is one of the foremost practitioners of the ancient technique of encaustic
painting, which involves melted wax mixed with oil paints and pigment. His
mastery has allowed him to create images that are by turns subtle and startling,
elegant and gritty. “It’s a very physical method. It’s like being a short-order cook. Besides paints, I work with wax and a frying pan. Then I scrape off the wax and burn
it with a blow torch. I’ve been in hospital a couple of times with injuries. My
joy comes from knowing that I’ve pushed the use of this medium.” www.tonyscherman.com

Margaret’s work is almost the complete opposite of her husband’s. Precise and geometric, her paintings and public installations are exacting and thought provoking and ask questions of the viewer for which answers are not immediately apparent. Margaret is Professor Emeritus at the School of Fine Art and Music, University of Guelph, Ontario. www.margaretpriest.com

I’ve also put a couple of images from our trip to Niagra Falls, taken with my iPhone. (It was far too wet to risk the Nikon).


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The Buddha & The High Priestess