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La Félibrée à Beaumont du Périgord

July 21, 2012

Every year, in a different town in the Dordogne, on the first Sunday of July, a Félibrée festival is held.  I photographed this wonderful pageant whilst visiting our friends Pru & Duncan who live in the beautiful bastide town of Beaumont du Périgord. 

La Félibrée celebrates the language of the Occitan, and is a celebration of colour, as well as the earth, the region, and the traditions of the Périgord. The day includes the age-old custom of troubadours singing in the same way and the same songs they did in the courts of Europe since the beginning of time, everyone dressing up in the traditional costumes, dancing in the streets, music played on traditional instruments and the enjoyment of traditional food.

Despite the abundant profusion of colour I have turned several of the images into B&W in the tradition of french reportage photography.

If any of you visit the Dordogne and make for Beaumont du Perigord then you must pop into Prudence’s Perfume boutique as it is utterly  adorable. Her range is now sold internationally, but this charming hamlet is where she gets her inspiration. Prudence Paris

C’est la vie!

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La Félibrée à Beaumont du Périgord