About Keith Appleby


You have spent a lot of effort in planning your wedding so that it will be unforgettable. We have spent most of our lives learning how to record your big day so that our images will give you everlasting pleasure. Sadly there is a trend today for couples to forgo an album and choose a package with a high resolution disc as their primary keepsake, in the hope that one day they will produce their own drag & drop web photobook. Experience has proven that this is short-term thinking and a false economy. Think about your children and your future grandchildren. Will your computer still have the photos from your wedding in 25 or 35 years time? Will the High res disc be usable? Will the unproven paper of your web photobook stand the test of time?

Our Wedding Books & Albums
Keith Appleby designed Wedding Storybooks and Albums are simply the most elegant, stylish and durable keepsakes available anywhere. Your photographs will transcend into an object of pure artistic delight and our team of exacting artisans will create a timeless expression of your love. Made from the finest archival materials available, it will become a magnificent permanent keepsake of your wedding day, and last for generations.

We offer a variety of Wedding Books and Albums, choice cover materials, sizes and styles to suit your individual preference. Each image is then optimized and prepared for your Storybook with great care to ensure it does justice to our vision. Each album is individually designed to reflect the story of your special day and you will review and approve the design at every stage. For parents or other family members we offer duplicate or smaller copies of the primary album. You can see how a finished design can look if you click here